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Eye Examinations at Eye Academy

At Eye Academy, we are committed to caring for the whole family.

The practice has invested in specialist equipment that allows us to tailor eye examinations for your specific needs. From squints and lazy eyes in children to cataracts in older eyes, rest assured an examination at Eye Academy will keep you in the best possible eye health.

Regular eye examinations result in early detection of eye problems, reducing the risk of developing visual loss.


Expert Eye Examination

The Expert Eye Examination blends market leading Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) with the highest standard of professional care. This is the gold standard eye examination.


Advanced Eye Examination

Building upon our basic eye exam, our Advanced Eye Examination couples the use of latest technological advances in the industry with an increased consultation time with our skilled clinicians.


Standard Eye Examination

Our entry level eye examination produces a thorough spectacle prescription check in addition to a generalised investigation into your eye health.


Children's Eye Examination

we have many specialist ways of checking children’s vision and examining their eyes. We endeavour to make your child’s eye examinations as relaxed and fun as possible, ensuring we work at their pace.

4D HD Glaucoma Health Check

At Eye Academy, we offer a private 1-hour 4D HD Glaucoma Health Check performed by a Senior Specialist Optometrist. With early detection and diagnosis, careful monitoring and regular use of treatments, the vast majority of people are able to retain their useful sight for life.

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Visual Dyslexia Assessment

Eye problems themselves are not a cause of dyslexia, however they can be a contributory factor to the reading and writing difficulty. The Visual Dyslexia Assessment is a detailed investigation that is concentrated on checking near vision focusing and co-ordination.

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Dry Eye Assessment

Here at Eye Academy, we understand the frustration and inconvenience that dry eye causes. The dry eye assessment determines both the type and severity of dry eye, as well as creating a treatment plan from the many treatment options we offer to effectively manage dry eye.

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Low Vision Assessment

Our low vision assessment focusses on how can we can improve your vision and quality of life with additional visual aids.

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Punctal Plug Fitting

This very effective method of managing dry eye is recommended for all patients experiencing dry eye symptoms and contact lens wearers.

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BlephEx™ Blepharitis Treatment

BlephEx™ is a new advanced option for the treatment of Blepharitis and is performed in practice by one of our specialist optometrists.

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Squint & Lazy Eye Assessment

Squints are common and affect about one in 20 children. They usually develop before a child is five years old, but can appear later, and adults can also be treated for the condition. Squints need to be assessed as soon as possible to ensure the vision is protected and to improve the chances of successful treatment.

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