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Flexon Eyewear

When it comes to durable glasses, there is no better than Flexon. Specialising in flexible titanium eyewear, Flexon glasses are durable, lightweight and comfortable.

Durable Titanium Glasses

The best thing about Flexon? Their glasses do what they say! Flexon glasses use a phenomenal memory metal throughout their designs. Meaning you can flex, bend and twist them as much as possible and they will always return to their original form.

Masters of Technology

You will more than likely already be familiar with ‘flexible’ glasses. Many brands now will incorporate some variation of flexibility into their frames to add an extra touch of durability. For us, this is why Flexon is the best. Since launching in 1988, Flexon has been mastering their design and materials to create eyewear that is as modern and bold as the technology used to create them. We are not exaggerating when we say in terms of durable glasses; they are indeed one of the best!

Glasses for Active People

For anyone that is active, or likes to put their glasses through the wringer, we do think there are no better in design and function than Flexon. However, we do have to say – they are not entirely indestructible (very little in the world is!). Discover how great the memory metal truly is at your next visit.