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Orgreen Eyewear

Known & Respected for High Standards & Irrefutable Quality

Available Banstead, Guildford, Cobham & Windsor

Ørgreen has been quietly impressing the optical world since it was founded in 1997, designed and developed in Copenhagen and handmade in Japan they are leaders in their field for design, style and innovation.

They draw their inspiration from classic cars, extreme sports and Danish street culture, combining these seemingly diverse factors gives us the spirited, charismatic sometimes provocative, but never arrogant beautifully finished Ørgreen frame.

Always with a flair for the dramatic; each frame is named after an iconic film actor or actress. Their eyewear is subtlety profound; it veers from strikingly feminine to masculine yet sleek.

Made with titanium and beta titanium and designed to last, each frames takes more than 100 processes and up to six months to make. Ørgreen boasts 400 different colour hues, composed in an array of contrasting and complementary partnerships.