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Punctal Plugs For Dry Eyes

Punctal, or punctum, plugs are small implants which are fitted directly into the tear duct of the eye and are a very effective method of managing symptoms of dry eye. The punctal plug itself, is made of hypo-allergenic, medical-grade silicone and effectively limits tear drainage, allowing the eye to hold onto more moisture. They are generally semi-permanent and naturally dissolve after 3 months. This results in no damage or distortion to the tear duct itself.

The benefit of having punctal plugs fitted is to limit the drainage of tears through the lacrimal system, which enables the eye’s natural tear film to be fuller and more stable, therefore reducing the symptoms of dry eye.

The fitting procedure is extremely simple and painless. The tear duct is anaesthetised using eye drops and the insertion of the plugs takes a matter of minutes.

Punctal plug fitting is recommended for:

  • Patients with a long-standing issues with dry eyes
  • Individuals who find it difficult to follow traditional dry eye regimes
  • Contact lens wearers
  • Post laser refractive surgery patients

Punctal plug fitting includes:

  • Examination of tear film and tear duct (punctum)
  • Punctal plug fitting to include instillation of anaesthetic eye drops
  • Advice and recommendations for further treatment (if necessary)

Punctal Plug Fitting Duration: Approx. 30 Minutes

Punctal Plug Fitting Cost: £150