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Standard Eye Examination - 3*

Expert Eye Examination

Our entry level eye examination produces a thorough spectacle prescription check in addition to a generalised investigation into your eye health. During this 30-minute assessment our expert clinicians will assess the fundus (Retina, Macula and Optic Nerve), examine the Exterior Eye tissues, measure the Intra-Ocular Eye Pressures and perform a basic assessment of the eye muscles.

At Eye Academy, our Optometrists strive to produce the most precise prescriptions by understanding every patient’s unique visual requirements and demands. Working together with our qualified Dispensing Opticians, we aim to find the optimum lens correction to provide the clearest and most comfortable vision achievable with spectacles.

A Standard Eye Examination is recommended for:

  • Symptom-free patient’s requiring a thorough spectacle prescription check and basic overview of the general eye health

Standard Eye Examination Tests Include:

  • Thorough Spectacle Refraction (Prescription)
  • Slit Lamp Examination of Anterior Eye
  • Funduscopy (Volk Examination of Posterior Eye)
  • Intra-ocular Pressures
  • Basic Binocular Vision Assessment
  • Basic Visual Field Screening (if applicable)

Standard Eye Examination Lasts: Approx. 30 Minutes

Standard Eye Examination Cost: £40

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