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Complex Contact Lenses

Some people have eyes that can’t be fitted with regular soft or gas permeable lenses. They need to have custom made lenses in special designs to provide good vision and or comfort. These lenses are more complex to make and fit.

Who Needs Complex Lenses?

Anybody who has an irregular corneal surface such as those with:

  • Kerataconus 
  • Corneal Grafts
  • Eyes that haven’t been fully corrected by laser surgery
  • Corneal Degenerations

People with Complex Prescriptions: 

  • Very high long or short sight
  • Very high astigmatism

Complex Fitting Technology

At Eye Academy we have invested in Computerised Corneal Videokeratoscopy that maps the cornea and analyses its shape precisely.

The information this gives us is used to design a lens that aligns better with the cornea to give better vision and greater comfort.