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Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Gas Permeable lenses are smaller and harder than soft lenses. They float on the surface of the eye within the coloured part, the iris.


  • Let your eyes breathe more as they allow more oxygen through the lens.
  • Are good for very irregular shaped corneas – they provide sharper vision.
  • Are more suitable for very dry eyes.
  • Correct both low and very high astigmatism.
  • Have a lower risk of infection or allergy.
  • These type of lenses are also used to correct irregular corneal conditions such as kerataconus.

    Frequent Replacement Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

    Because Gas Permeable lenses are more deposit resistant they do not need to be changed as frequently as soft. However the surface quality still degrades with time and for long term comfort and health it is still advisable to change them regularly.

    Currently, three monthly, six monthly and annual disposable Gas Permeable replacement lens schemes are available.