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Contact Lenses

At Eye Academy we understand that our patients have busy lifestyles and that glasses are not always an ideal solution. Recent developments in clinical technology means that contact lenses are now a viable option for the vast majority of our patients. Our specialist optometrists can fit you with contact lenses to wear every day or just for occasional use such as sports or special occasions, meaning you can always have the most comfortable vision possible.

We deal with all suppliers and therefore for each person we select the best contact lens on the market from all available choices. Because of this many people who have previously tried lenses elsewhere but have had problems, have been successfully refitted by us.

Contact Lens Technology

Our specialists are constantly researching the most up to date fitting techniques and lens designs; meaning that they can tailor each and every appointment to specific patient requirements.

As with our eye examinations, we focus heavily on the latest technology in contact lens fitting equipment. This technology allows us to successfully fit those more complex cases where the corneas are more irregular such as those of corneal transplant or laser surgery patients, kerataconics and those with very high astigmatism. To see some of our specialist equipment click here.

Contact Lens Fittings

All our fittings and check ups are done by Optometrists, who have a higher qualification than the Contact Lens Opticians commonly employed by larger chains. Some of our Optometrists work within Hospital Eye Departments such as Moorfields, and as such are very experienced in all aspects of fitting, including complex cases.

Dry Eyes & Contact Lenses

Dry Eye is the main reason people decide not to try contact lenses or stop using them altogether. New clinical research and technology in dry eye management means this condition is rarely an issue. If you do feel you are experiencing dry eyes we do have a Specialist Dry Eye Clinic, where we can recommend treatments.